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5 Responses to “Proper Tenant Screening in a Tough Economy Minimizes Tenant Debt”

  1. Bill said

    Hey Bill,

    Great article, I just finished a series of tips for landlords that included tenant screening, just not as in depth as your article.

    I am up in Canada and we have a service we can use to check the credit of tenants called Rentcheck, you may want to list some of the credit checking services available in the US as well.

    If you are interested in reading my tips (which work on both sides of the border!) they are available here,

  2. Tom McGovern said

    I use an apartment association and they’ve been providing me with credit checks now for over a year. They have the Telecheck too, but I’ve yet to use it. After reading your article maybe I should! Thanks for taking the time to help us landlords, Bill!

  3. Bill Gray said

    Hi Tom, See the “About Me” section. I am on the Board of Directors for the AAOA. These folks bend over backwards to assist investment landlords. So many associations are only willing to help you if you own or manage hundreds of units. When asked to be on the Board, though my time is tight, I just could not say no to such a great group of folks.

    I am actually working to get a discount for anyone I refer to the AAOA.

    And yes, definitely give the bounced check report a try. The first time you find a habitual check bouncer you will be glad you did!

  4. Carol Glenn said

    Bill, How does the previous previous address report help me know if the SSN is phony??? Thanks, Carol

  5. Bill Gray said

    Some previous address reports are matched by name and SSN. If the person you are screening makes up a SSN to give you, then no addresses will appear in the Previous Address Report.

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