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Homeowners Could Quickly Become Renters, While Mortgage Companies Become Landlords

Posted by Bill Gray on November 18, 2009

[tweetmeme source=”your_twitter_name” only_single=false Thorman from recently posted an interesting article about a program that could possibly turn thousands of homeowners into renters.  The twist is homeowners could be renting their own home from their mortgage company.  Here is a link to Chris’ article:

This article interests me in two ways.

1.  I own a home in Florida that I can not give away. I would be VERY happy to rent it from my mortgage company.

2.  If this program takes off it could be a windfall for property managers of single family homes.

Since I work exclusively with landlords regarding tenant debt and tenant screening, the idea of renting my home from my mortgage company raises some interesting questions.  Will I be screened and if so, by what criteria?  Could my mortgage company evict me if I am late on my rent?

As this program unfolds please email me anything you learn.  I am also very interested to hear from property managers as how you intend to capitalize on this opportunity to increase the number of rentals you manage.

Bill Gray

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