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About Me

Since 1997, Bill Gray (The Landlord Doctor) has assisted landlords and property management companies across the nation in addressing the issue of tenant debt. He has reviewed over 70,000 cases of tenant debt, totaling in excess of $200 million dollars.  He is also an expert and instructor in the use of proper tenant screening as an effective tool in minimizing the risk of tenant debt.

His professional experience and knowledge have made Gray a sought-after expert on tenant debt, screening, and collections. His website,, has earned the recommendation of The New York Times, and he was interviewed by the USA Today to gain his insight into the affects of the economy on the rental market.

A frequent speaker to landlord groups, property management companies, and professional associations, Gray educates his audience and provides them with the tools and advice to minimize debt and increase profit. Realizing that there is a huge void of information and support for independent landlords and property managers, Gray wrote My Tenant Owes, a guide on how to be a better landlord and minimize risks. Scheduled to be published in 2010, his book covers proper tenant screening, minimizing and collecting tenant debt, and other issues specific to the landlord/tenant relationship.  He is also an author/contributor to several blogs, Multi-Housing News Online, Multi-Family Insiders,, Real Estate Investing Facts, and Real Estate Success and REIP the Rewards magazines.

Along with hundreds of independent landlords nationwide, his clients have included Lincoln Property Management, Riverstone Residential, JMG Realty, ZOM Living, Post Properties, Rockrose Development, Manhattan Skyline, Blue Rock Partners, and many others.

Bill Gray consults with members of the American Apartment Owners Association, Hollywood Landlords Association, Florida Landlord Network, the Rental Housing Association of Puget Sound (RHA-PS), and the Apartment Association of Southeastern Wisconsin (AASEWI) concerning the collection of tenant debt, tenant screening and reporting tenants to the credit bureaus.

Teaching sound, consistent business practices, Gray has helped landlords and property management companies increase their profit for over a decade. He is an American Apartment Owners Association advisory board member and a member of the executive committee for the Florida Landlord Network. He is available for group speaking engagements or individual consultations. Visit his website at or contact Bill Gray directly at for further information or to check availability.

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