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“We have been working with Bill Gray since March of this year.  It has been both a positive relationship for the administration of our Association, as well as a valuable service for our members.  Bill has gone out of his way to meet and exceed our expectations.”     Tim Ballering, Director and Past President, Apartment Association of Southeastern WI

“For 5 years Bill has helped me minimize my tenant debt by assisting me with screening my tenant prospects.  Bill always responds immediately, is professional and very helpful.  I recommend Bill to anyone with a need to screen tenants, or collect debt from previous tenants.”   Abraham Fixler, Mendel Management

“For over 10 years Bill has helped me collect my tenant debt.  My office staff call him “the collections guy”.       Bruce Stotts, Stotts LLC

“We were writing off all our debt, because we thought we would never recover any of it.  Bill showed us what to do and now we collect over 30% of the money previous tenants owe us all on our own.”       Mike Sweeney, B & L Properties

“Bill responded to a question that I posted on a landlord forum and gave us VERY helpful advice. He has an amazing amount of expertise and does not mind sharing it with others. I was amazed about the time he took to help us out! I would highly recommend him.”    Karen W.

“I found the article about inspecting the rental unit with my tenant before he moved in.  Bill was right on target.  Years ago I had done the inspection with every move in.  As I bought more rentals I hired a property manager who did not do the inspections, and my delinquencies went up.  Friday I handed my property manager a print out of the article and instructed her to begin doing it immediately.  I even bought a urine stick.  Thanks Bill.”   Mike Penner, Dallas TX

“I contacted Bill after one of my mother’s tenants stopped paying rent and refused to leave.  Bill helped me find an evictions attorney in Austin to help us.  I can not thank you enough Bill.”  Teresa, San Diego CA

“Hi Bill,  Thank you so very much for helping me out on this one.  That’s so nice of you.  I really appreciate it.  I will be sure to let you know what happens.  Thanks again for your time & your kindness.  It’s so rare to have someone as nice as you this day & age. You must be an angel of some sort.  I’ll keep in touch with you as soon as I see I hear something on the case.   Thanks again & take care,”  Teresa S., Los Angeles CA
Thanks Teresa, my wife will tell you that I am far from an angel. 🙂 Please tell me when your bad tenants leave your property, and let me know if you need help finding new ones. Also, after the dust settles, let’s talk about the debt these bad guys owe you. Hang in there! -Bill

One Response to “Testimonials”

  1. Bill G said


    I find the above Testimonials inspiring and hope you might have some suggestions for us.

    We rented our Texas home to a tenant through a Management company and the tenant after paying rent for 4 mos. moved out stating job relocation. The Mgm’t Company told them they were still responsible for rent up to time a new tenant could be found. The tenant paid one more month and stopped, we got a bill from the Mgm’t Company for repairs and carpet replacement due to pet damage and this we paid.
    The Mgm’t co. sent a letter to old tenant stating amount due as a result of their early move out ($12,400) included several months rent and repairs/damages taken care of by the company.
    I managed to get a number and did a three way call with the owner of Mgm’t Co. and Tenant requesting payment and providing details of repairs. Tenant disagreed with total and wanted Mgm’t co. to provide proof; we agreed to have a follow up call.
    Well months later and the tenant does not answer phone, returned certified “Confidential Letter” that I sent to tenants business address we could not find a home address. We would like to know how to collect this since we had to pay both the mortgage and for the repairs.

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